Theodor Billington Takman

August 21, 2003


About Athlete

My goal with college is to get a good degree whilst playing golf at one of the highest levels in the world. I’m an independent player who works hard with focus on my development towards a life as a future major winner. Being good individually is a result of good teamwork which is an important aspect for my development. My experiences from playing several team sports for most of my life gives me a good starting point to work well in a team.


Current 2019 Srixon Tour U19 Order of Merits: 36th (25th of September 2019)

Current handicap index: +0.7

Lowest tournament score: 64 (-4), Huseby & Hankø GC

Lowest practice score: 66 (-5), Oppegaard Golf Club



Narvesen Tour Oppegård U15: 97 (+26)

Narvesen Tour Drøbak U15: 92 (+22)

Narvesen Tour Miklagard U15: 94 (+22)


Narvesen Tour Gamle Fredrikstad U15: 80 (+8)

Narvesen Open Losby U15: 81 (+9)

Narvesen Tour Huseby & Hankø U15: 71 (+3)

Narvesen Tour Atungstad U15: 82 (+10)

Narvesen Tour Mjøsen U15: 81 (+10)


Narvesen Tour Drøbak U15: 3rd place I 74 (+4)

Narvesen Tour Onsøy U15: 3rd place I 79 (+7)

Srixon Tour Norsjø U15: T3 I 79, 78, 79 (+20) I

Junior National Team Championchip: 1st place in division 1

Junior Nationals at Stiklestad U15: T5 I 73, 75, 77 (+12)

Srixon Tour Sorknes U15: 3rd place I 78, 85, 72 (+19)


Narvesen Tour Gamle Fredrikstad U19: 9th place I 74 (+2)

Srixon Tour Larvik U19: T19 I 73, 81, 73 (+11)

Srixon Tour Haugaland U19: T17 in stroke play I 81, 72 (+9) I Then won 2/3 matches

Srixon Tour Moss & Rygge U19: T21 I 77, 74, 77 (+12)

Narvesen Tour Oppegård U19: 1st place I 70 (-1)

Narvesen Tour Drøbak U19: 2nd place I 68 (-2)

Men´s Nationial Match Play Championship: T17

Junior National Team Championship: 4th place in elite division

Narvesen Tour Atlungstad U19: 1ST place I 70 (-2)

Men´s National Stroke Championship: T46 I 78, 78, 72, 81 (+21)

Narvesen Tour Huseby & Hankø U19: 2nd place I 64 (-4)

Srixon Tour Asker U19: T15 I 74, 76, 71 (+11)

Srixon Tour Kragerø U19: T18 I 72, 79, 72 (+13)


National Team Championship (Division 2) | Win | 71 (-1) in the single round

National Junior Team Championship | 3rd | 70 (-2) in the single round

National Junior Championship | 17th |73,77,78 (+12)

Narvesen Tour Losby | T4 | 72(E)

Narvesen Tour Hauger | T4 | 74 (+2)

Narvesen Tour Miklagard | T4 | 73 (+3)

Narvesen Tour Moss and Rygge | 2nd | 71 (-1)

Junior Club Champion

2nd place Club Championship


NorgesCup Larvik | T9 | 72, 70, 74 (E)

Srixon Tour Sandefjord | T4 | 69, 69, 76 (-2)

National Junior Team Championship | 2nd place | -1 in singles round

European Boys Team Championship (D2) in Estonia | 2nd place

Srixon Tour Fana | 77, 71, 67 | 7th place

Upcoming Events

National Men’s Stroke Play Championship

National Junior’s Stroke Play Championship

Srixon Tour Bjaavann

Spanish Boys’ Stroke Play Championship

Srixon Tour Moss og Rygge

Srixon Tour Vestfold

French Boys’ Championship

Nordic League Q-School

Club distances (carry)

Driver: 320 yards

3wood: 280 yards

2i: 255 yards

4i: 235 yards

5i: 218 yards

6i: 205 yards

7i: 190 yards

8i: 178 yards

9i: 164 yards

Pw: 147 yards

50*: 131 yards

56*: 114 yards

60*: 100 yards

Ball speed record: 205.3 mph

Club head speed record: 141 mph


Media recognition: "During a training session last week, he set a new personal record on Trackman. After crashing into the driver, the monitor showed a ball speed of an insane 205 miles per hour - about 330 kilometers per hour."

Additional sporting info

I've been playing a lot of sports in my life including:





Cross country skiing

Alpine skiing

What makes you different?

Working hard is nothing different, I do that of course too, but what I believe makes me different is that I am a learner. To acquire knowledge is very important in golf and generally in life and it is something I have always mastered. That is one of the biggest reasons for my development. Whilst being curious and asking questions, I listen closely to my coach and do my best to improve. I think that going to college is very important as well. I don't really know how everything works in college, so being good at adapting to new circumstances is very important I believe.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Going to college in the US is in my opinion a win-win-win situation. You get a good university degree that is yours forever, you get to play golf at one of the highest levels in the world and you get a life experience not too many others get to experience. This is something I am very interested in of course.

College Goals?

My goal through college is to be a good contribution to my team. I want to win tournaments both individually and with my team. When I graduate, I will hopefully have a good starting point to my professional career just like the young golfers we see on TOUR today. To see how Hovland, Wolff and Ventura w.o. has taken on the professional life is inspiring.