Tito Hessen

August 24, 2008


About Athlete

Hello my name is Tito von Hessen. I was born in the beautiful city of Hamburg in Germany on the 24th of August in 2008 and am now 14 years old with an HCP of 3,2.

I have 3 sisters which can be a bit challenging, but I think I manage pretty good. I go to the International School of Hamburg and am very lucky to be a member at Falkenstein Golf Club.

I have played golf for 10 years and tried many other sports, but I stuck with the golf club ever since. Golf is an amazing sport not only because it’s exciting and fun, but also because it takes so much discipline to master. Every time you stand on the course or on the range you learn something new which fascinates me. I am a very competitive person, full of energy and open to criticism and changes.

I play in Falkenstein’s first U16 Team and in the 2nd Men’s Division of our Club. I have great teammates and together we represent the HGC in various team tournaments.

My long-term goal is to play college golf. I personally think there is nothing better and higher ranked for young golfers than going to a good University and playing D1. I will work as much as it takes to achieve this big goal. I am also planning to spend next school year in Spain to train at the Jason Floyd Academy for Golf which has already accepted me.




Hanseatic's Eagles (Northern Germanys Golf Squad)
Team Golf Club Falkenstein National Team u16
2 Division Mens Team



May: Northern German Team Championships (DMM) AK18!, Golfclub Altenhof, 6600m,  Team 3rd, Single 9th/45  - 79 - (all other players 16 plus years old)

April: NDJL AK16, Hamburger Golf Club 5759m, 3rd, 77

April: Global Junior Blokhus Denmark 6250m, 4th,


November: Global Junior Praia d'el Rey Golf Club Portugal, 6434m 3rd.

Hohwacht Championship: 1st / Even Par : Men Tees 5946 m

Hamburger Team Championship: 1st Place, Scored full points for the team: Men Tees Treudelberg 6399m

Qualifications German Championship: 3rd Sachsenwald 6087M

Hamburger Einzelmeisterschaften: 4th Falkenstein 5759m

Global Junior Open Berlin 5th Semlin 3058m

Additional sporting info

-Basketball, Wind surfing, skiing, skating
-can horseback ride and play tennis

Personal Best

0 - Course hohwacht Championship Men Tees 5946 m

What makes you different?

When other peoples nerves start to break down mine get stronger. This is one of my strongest skills and I think it’s also one of the most important ones to be strong and tough on the golf course. I love adrenalin and pressure and I am always open for changes. I come from Germany which also means I have played in every possible weather condition you can think of.

Why do you want to compete in college?

College golf is the biggest dream because of the ultimate combination of extreme golf training and studying at a good university. I want to compete in a college team because of the big tournaments. The main reason is that you have the division leagues and I have heard from many people that it is the most exciting and fun thing to do. It would be a dream life style for me - training everyday, playing lots of tournaments and then winning with my team. I was planning to go to college anyway, but including my favourite thing in the world too would be amazing.

College Goals?

My goal is to be a player that everyone relies on and I want to be able to lead my team to success. As a student I want to obtain a master in business and economics.



International School Hamburg

Graduation 2026
Jason Floyd Academy September 2023

IB Diploma History, English, Biology, German, Spanish, Math