Tomas Mondim Lopes

February 14, 2004


About Athlete

My goal is to achieve excellence both on an academic and sporting level. To do so, I will work very hard as I’m very motivated to be able to work with ASM (Ricardo) that will help guide me every step of the way.


High School Grades
Math C, English D, Business B, Biology B, History C, Physical Education C, Computer Science B

SAT Total Score
Score: 1200


  • Taça de Federacao Portuguesa de Golfe 1 dia- 76
  • Campeonate Norte de Clubes- 74, 76
  • Torneio Circuito FPG- 73,77
  • Estela Friday Cup- 73
  • Campeonato Nacional de Clubes- 78, 74
  • Miramar Open- 79, 76, 73
  • Torneio Salgados Golfe- 72


  • National Championship 2020 (Portugal)- 13th


  • 2th Cash Back Tournament 2019 (Portugal)- 12th
  • 4th Drive Tour 2018 (Portugal)- 5th
  • North Championship Teams 2018 (Portugal)- 1st
  • National Championship Teams 2018 (Portugal)- 1st
  • Drive Sul Alamos 2017 (Portugal)- 1st
  • North Championship 2016 (Portugal)- 1st
  • National Championship 2014 (Portugal)- 1st

Club distances in meters

Drive- 230

3 wood- 210

2iron – 190

4iron- 175

5 iron- 165

6 iron- 155

7 iron- 145

8 iron- 135

9 iron- 125

Wedge- 115

50- 100

54- 85

58- 70

Awards, press

National Champion sub10

MVP National Teams Championship sub 14

What makes you different?

I really believe what makes me standout is my resilience because even after everything I have gone through and sometimes I go through I’m proud to say that I never gave or give up and always try more now to be the best I can be.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I believe that college golf would be a very good thing to experience. I don't have much to say apart from it would make me super excited to be able to compete and represent my university and team. It would make me a better person overall.

College Goals?

In college I really want to give it my all, be the best I can be given the opportunities I have. I want to achieve excellence both academically and in sport and the experience really appeals to me after receiving feedback from colleagues.

Anything else we should know?

I believe that over the past couple of years I may have not been as motived as I am now. My motivation in on a new level now so I believe over the next 2 years would be my best 2 years and I will achieve amazing stuff.



Oporto International School

Graduation year: 2022