Troy Arries

February 27, 2003


About Athlete

My goal is to use my footballing ability and academic proficiency to contribute towards the university I attend. My work ethic and ambition on and off the soccer pitch will hold me in good stead as I attempt to meet the goals and demands of the college, as well as personal goals I set for myself. I believe in a ‘buying in’ mentality and will seek to immerse myself in all areas of university life. This means giving my utmost effort and energy towards my sports program, academics and any other cultural or social activity that I am involved in. Furthermore, my values, morals and faith in God act as my pillar of strength. I believe through difficult times this will see me push through and gain from any setback or barrier in my path.


CAPS ( Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements) used within South Africa:

Term 1 of Grade 12 (2021)
Afrikaans: 82% ( US grade: A)
Economics: 73% (US grade: B)
English: 74% ( US grade: B)
Geography: 62% ( US grade: B)
History: 100% (US grade: A)
Life Orientation: 98% ( US grade: A)
Mathematics: 65% ( US grade: B)

Term 2 of Grade 12 (2021)
Afrikaans: 84% (US grade: A)
Economics: 76% ( US grade: B)
English: 73% ( US grade: B)
Geography: 64% (US grade: B)
History: 91% (US grade: A)
Life Orientation: 89% (US grade: A)
Mathematics: 58% (US grade: C)


Grassy Park United FC
JMI ( Jean-Marc Ithier ) FC
Hellenic FC academy
Super Sport United Soccer School Cape Town
Wynberg Boys High 1st soccer team

  • Wynberg Boys High u15 tournament finalist
  • 2017 CTTFA knockout semi-finalist ( Hellenic FC)
  • Won the CTTFA league at u/14 level (JMI) 
  • Competed in two CTTFA knockout tournaments
  • Played in both Cape Town district 1st league and Tygerberg 1st and 2nd league.
  • Winner of Strandfontein tournament JMI (u/14)


  • Leadership- I manage my own emotions well and can influence others to develop other insights and manage their own emotions in a conflict situation. I believe in getting the best out of others.
  • Strength on the ball – I shield the ball well and often use my frame to my advantage to win or defend the ball.
  • Passing ability and vision on pitch- I have a good eye for a pass and my execution is often accurate when I deliver a pass.
  • Ball control- I have good control of the ball and can receive it on the foot, thigh, chest or head.
  • Good “weaker” foot- my weaker foot is my left but over the years I have trained and tried to improve it. I am now able to control, pass and have a good shot with my left foot.
  • Set pieces- I am a good set piece taker and am often called upon to take corners, free kicks and penalties.
  • Confidence- I am a confident player and trust my abilities on the pitch.
  • Durable- I am strong and healthy – I do not get injured often. 

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Additional sporting info

In 2019, I was chosen to play in a team that represented South Africa in Italy. I was there for two weeks and competed in an international tournament. During this tour I also trained at Chievo Verona football club.

I was selected to play in the Nedbank tournament in Bloemfontein in October this year.

I was selected to compete in the Nedbank tournament in 2020 as well but it did not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Personal Best

Awards, press
JMI U14 player of the year at age 12
Attended Chelsea FC foundation soccer school in England in 2017
Attended Bordeaux FC soccer camp for a week in France in 2018
Played in u/16 San Marino Cup tournament in Italy in 2019

What makes you different?

Ambition; Values and Habits; Social Adaptability.

I am an ambitious person who sets goals far beyond the standards required. Over the years I have learnt how to work towards these goals and achieve them. Once achieved, I have learnt that you need to reset them higher.

Values and Habits:
I am an 18 year old with good values, strong core habits, practices and morals. This will hold me in good stead as I embark on my college and football journey. I will always aim high and do not
give up on my goals regardless of obstacles that may come my way.

Social adaptability:
I have been exposed to many diverse people growing up and through travelling. This has given me invaluable life lessons as well as learning how to deal, bond and connect with different types of people. Holistically, I try improving upon myself daily, both on and off the pitch and believe this will greatly benefit me in the long run.

Why do you want to compete in college?

It has always been a dream of mine to travel and experience life overseas. Hence, studying overseas is a great opportunity to do so. I also want to compete in soccer at a high level and feel as if the college route is the best way to obtain a good degree and play soccer at a high level. I believe college will provide an environment for me to achieve these goals while also teaching me valuable lessons such as independency, adaptability, time management and leadership skills.

College Goals?

I want to finish my college journey by acquiring a good degree that will allow me to enter the job market or start my own business. I aim to play soccer at the highest level, representing the college and hopefully contribute towards winning tournaments, championships. Etc. Furthermore, I aim to flourish academically and achieve ‘A’ grades throughout my tenure at college. I will also get involved with service and cultural aspects whenever my schedule allows it.

Anything else we should know?

I am an entrepreneur at heart and a goal of mine is to start and run a successful company that contributes to assisting communities and alleviate social and economic pressures of the area/country it is located within.



Wynberg Boys High School

Graduation year: 2021