Tyler Jared Buffel

June 5, 2023


About Athlete

my work ethic through passion and commitment has proven valuable in both my academics and swimming. I aim to combine these in becoming a student athlete and contributing toward the college team to the best of my ability.


High School grades: English A, Afrikaans B, Math B, L.O A, Busi-ness A, bio B, Science B as per the IEB syllabus.

SAT Total Score


Level 2 Regional Championships

NTS championships


Level 3 Regional Championships

CANA African games held in Mauritius

NTS Championships

Year: 2016

Level 3 Regional championships

Sasol Winter championships

NTS Championships

Year: 2017

Nelspruit Grand Prix

South African Junior Nationals

CGA championships

Year: 2018

South African Junior Nationals

Tri colour games held in Italy

Participated in the Pesaro Cup

Participated in the Treviso Cup

CGA Championships

South African School Sports Championships

School Prestige Championships


South African National Juniors

South African Senior Nationals C

South African School Sports Championships

Senior Swimmer of the year Curro Aurora

I represented CGA (my province) at South African Senior Nationals.

Event 1

50 breast stroke

LCM: 30.92

Top 10 for age group.

Event 2

100 breast stroke


Event 3

200 breast stroke


Year :2019

Currently in top 5 fastest times for the 200 breast in my age group in South Africa.

What makes you different?

I am resilient and persistent in everything that I do. Regardless of any challenges I might face I will not be deterred from achieving my goals. I will always give more than what is required, in order to achieve results and will not stop until I get what I have set out to achieve. This is evident in me competing in-ternationally and being awarded swimmer of the year 2019 at Curro Aurora.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Growing up in South Africa, there has been limited opportunity to grow to my full potential whilst achieving a degree. Participating in college sports would afford me the opportunity to compete against the best and grow to my full potential. College sports would aid me in reaching my goal of one day competing in the Olympic games. I was able to see this done through swimmers like Roland Schoeman and Ryk Neethling, which inspired me to achieve this in the future.

College Goals?

In college my objective is to get my medical degree and win at the respective championships whilst aim-ing to qualify for the Olympic games.