Umberto Particelli

December 25, 1998

About Athlete

I would like to enter to an American university to continue my greatest passion, tennis, at the highest levels while at the same time have the opportunity to study and achieve a degree because unfortunately here in Italy school is in contraposition to the sport, and here I can’t combine school and tennis

 I will do my best because I care a lot about my future, and I really hope that this can be happen, and I hope to live this new experience.  


Following NCAA guidelines Umberto’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements.


Total Tournaments Entered: 20 tournaments a year

Top 5 Tournament Finishes: 

I have done a lot of important tournaments with different italian atp players, and in two of these I was in the semifinal, and one final, and last year I did Italian championships and I lost in quarters finals in the third set.

Best Serve MPH: 122mph | 196 kmph

Season - Singles Wins:

 I won in Italy with 4 players that were 2,4 ( Very good Italian ranking ), and I won vs one player that was 2,3 with some atp points ( 1690 atp ) 6-4 in third set, with another 2,4 with 3 atp points 6-2 in third set, I won with 1712 atp in the first part of the year that now have 32 years, I won 6-4/ 6-4 with a player that years ago was 160 atp but when I played with him was 36 years old and without ranking, and during under 14/16 I was 6 in Italy. All of this in italian tournaments and team tournaments and for this I don’t have utr points.

Season – Singles Losses:

I lost in Italian championships with a 2,3 that had some atp points, I lost with a 2,2 => 890 atp 6-4/-6-3, and with an Italian tennis player 7-5/7-5 that has my same age and that is 832 atp

Season – Doubles Wins:

I have done a lot of doubles in tennis teams, during team’s championship, and I win two doubles in A2 Italian League, and other doubles but not in a2 league.

I had a semifinal in an open tournament here in Italy and two quarter finals

Additional Tennis Info:

I trained with 2 private coaches, and 4 years with Riccardo piatti ( Milos raonic’s coach, coric’s coach, and years ago Djokovic’s coach, and with Massimo Sartori that is Seppi’s coach

What makes you different?

I’m ready for hard work, I will do my best to make the staff happy. I want do my best for my future, and with this opportunity I can do what I really want for my life, have excellent tennis training, tennis preparation and graduate with a degree.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because I want to learn more things, live new experiences, and I want to complete a great path of maturity. I think this experience will be a positive change and help me achieve great things in life.

College Goals?

I want to learn a lot of new things about different subjects and life while at university in the states. I also would like to continue to learn English, an important language, as well as continue to improve my tennis.

Anything else we should know?

Since I was 11 years olds I have made a lot of sacrifices for tennis and my studies. My parents have helped me in all of this and I hope to have the possibility to earn a scholarship to a USA university.