Vera Bohr

February 5, 2006


About Athlete

My name is Vera Bohr and I’m a volleyball player from Sweden. My objective for my college experience is to play volleyball at a competitive level while getting a world class education. I’m very sure that combining education and sports would be a perfect fit for me. While I would play the sport I love at a very high level and compete, I would also get top-notch academic support and an education that prepares me for upcoming careers




Sollentuna Volleyboll klubb

2023 Date Country Result
Game div 1 Sollentuna C - Uppsala Sat 14/1 Sweden 0-3
Tournament - UGP (Grand Prix) Sat 21/1 - 22/1 Sweden Second place!

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Ball Handling:

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My stats: TBA

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Personal Best

Approach jump: 265 cm - 8ft 8 inches
Blockning reach: 246 cm
Vertical jump: 32 cm

What makes you different?

I think the best thing about me is my spirit. I'm always positive on the court, talks a lot, works a lot and I'm very good at thinking of what is best for the team, what we need to change, if we are at a disadvantage and I take a lot of responsibility.

So, first and foremost. I talk a lot, and that is really the number one key to success as a team. Talking and communicating on the court does not only bring structure and ease to the game, it also helps the teammates trust each other. Talking leads to less uncertainties as well.

As a libero I think it is quite important to be comfortable in the leader role and especially leading the defence and recive. It's important to me in each game that I identify the different players' patterns and unique traits. This is because I think the libero should be a steady pillar whom players can trust and rely on. Not only can the players rely on me for good defence, but also information about where the players like to hit or serve and tips about unique plays to be cautious about.

But as I said before, one of the best things about me is really my positive energy. I never lose my temper on the court, not even when I'm having a bad day. Under such circumstances I have learned what to think about in the next ball rather than beating myself up about past mistakes.

Why do you want to compete in college?

When I first heard about this I thought it sounded really fun because you would play your sport at a very high level. Since volleyball is quite a small sport in Sweden it would be really exciting to play volleyball in a country where the sport is bigger and more advanced. Apart from that, are the advantages of competing in college both immediate and life long. While being a student and competing in your sport, this journey provides you with opportunities to learn (both academics and in sports wise), compete and succeed. As a person who loves trains, loves my sport, and is willing to work with both academics and physics, I think this combination is perfect for me.

As a college athlete, you learn leadership, confidence, discipline, effective time management and teamwork, and this will prepare you in the best possible way for the working world, since these are skills companies look for when hiring. And last but not least I think it would be really fun not only with the training but also the community and the team spirit that comes with it.

College Goals?

Develop and grow as a person and volleyball athlete while having fun and building a network for the future in volleyball and academics!



Elementery school


High school

Rudbeckskolan vallfrihetsgymnsaium

In the Economy program