Victoria Schuldt

September 8, 2006


About Athlete

My name is Victoria, I am a golfplayer from Hamburg, Germany. Playing competitive college golf has always been a dream of mine as I love to play in a team.




Since 2023: Hamburg Golf Club Ladies Club Team ->1st German Division (Bundesliga)
2023: 2nd German National Junior Team
Since 2019: Hanseatic Eagles (North German high Performance team)
Since 2015: U12-U18 Hamburger Golfclub Junior Team



- Scottish Girls open Championship: 78,73,80 (total +12) -> T46

- 1st qualification event for German  championship: 73,72 (total -3)   -> 1st U18 and 2nd overall

- final national qualification event (preview) for German championship: 76,73,74 (total +7)  -> T4

- Hanseatic International Youth Open: 77,76,76 (total +7) -> WIN overall and 1st U18

- Ladies Club Championship: 74 in qualifying, wins in 3 rounds of Matchplay -> WIN

-Möbel Hesse Junior International: 78,75,68 (total +8) -> 3rd U18 and 5th overall

- Junior Club Championship: 73,70 (total +1) -> WIN


- German National U16 championship: 79,73,74 (total +10) -> T14

- final qualification tournament for German National Championship: 76,76,75 (total +11) -> T29

- Möbel Hesse Junior International: 73,73,74 (total +7) -> 1st in the U16 division

- international match play trophy: 76,75   -> T17

- northern German championship: 79,76 -> 3rd U16

Additional sporting info

Carry Distances:

Driver: 215m
3Wood: 200m
5 Wood: 190m
Hybrid: 175m
5 Iron: 165m
6 Iron: 155m
7 Iron: 145m
8 Iron: 135m
9 Iron: 125m
PW: 115m
GW: 105m
SW: 90m
LW: 75m

Current Handicap: -1.4

- Played competitive field hockey until the age of 14

Personal Best

Low Round: 68 (-3)
Club Speed: 106,5 mph
TrackMan Combine: 86,5

What makes you different?

I am dedicated and work hard.I try to find those little things that can have a huge impact on my development. For example, I take care of a good nutrition, I go to the gym a lot and I work on managing pressure situations by using different mental techniques like visualization or meditation.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I think, it is a great opportunity to combine a good education with improving the game. Also, I love being on a team and I want to get out of my comfort zone to get a better player and person.

College Goals?

My goal with college golf is to compete with some of the best players while representing a team. I want to develop new skills and to improve as a player but as a person as well. My biggest dream is to become a professional golfer one day and I think, that college is the best opportunity to get prepared for that.