Viren Pandya

April 16, 2002


About Athlete

Soccer has been my greatest passion since I was eight years old. I have been playing soccer competitively in Canada and in England. In 2018, I moved to and spent a year in England so that I could train under a UEFA Pro Licensed Coach and compete at a higher level. At the same time, I experienced life in a boarding schoo and stayed a year away from home. During this time, I attained and maintained the highest grades(A). Whilst playing soccer, I have learnt the value of hard work and how to communicate well with others on and off the field. Other than enhancing my communication and teamwork skills, soccer has brought a sense of leadership to my personality that has helped me excel at school. 

Every game that I play is a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn. I use the competitiveness that I gain from soccer in the classroom and and home. I consistently apply “the grind never stops” philosophy to my school assignments and my soccer games. The harder I work, at practice, the better I get at playing soccer and the same applies at school. Soccer has been my motivation to be a better student because in order to play soccer at the highest level possible, I have to be able to maintain a certain GPA which I have done to date and surpassed. 

Soccer has taught me that I should never give up and to keep trying until I achieve my goals. Playing a sport such as soccer in which the final outcome of the game depends on a number of factors, has taught me to be resilient. Playing soccer has also taught me sportsmanship and ethics and even though sometimes the result in a game is not what I desire, I have never been discouraged. 


Math (Grade 9): 93%
English (Grade 9): 86%
Geography (Grade 9): 91%
French (Grade 9): 96%
Drama (Grade 9) : 83%
Phys. Ed (Grade 9): 94%
GLS (Grade 9): 94%
Science (Grade 9): 91%
Media Arts (Grade 10): 89%
Food and Nutrition (Grade 10) : 97%
Math (Grade 10): 93%
English (Grade 10): 85%
Business (Grade 10): 95%
History (Grade 10): 91%
Civics (Grade 10): 96%
Careers (Grade 10): 98%
Science (Grade 10): 88%

Predicted Grades for A-Levels in England:
A* in psychology
A in business
B in economics


December 2019 (Canada)- Oakville Blue Devils College Showcase 

August 2019 (Canada) - Travelled and played with Winstars Soccer Academy on US university tour 

July 2019 (England) - ECFA Division 2 - Finished 4th and won promotion 


August 2018 (Canada) – Ottawa College Showcase Boys 2002 - Runners up with Erin Mills S.C.

Feb 2018 (USA) – Quarter Finals Las Vegas Mayors Cup 2002 Boys – Erin Mills

Aug 2017 (Canada) – Champions Ottawa College Show Case Boys 2002 – Fogo FC

May 2017 (Canada) FC Delco Tournament – Runners up with Fogo FC

January 2017 (Italy) - selected by Dwayne De Rosario (Ex Toronto FC player and legend) to play for the Canada select team at the Halima Haider Tournament in Rome

  • Played against Roma, Napoli, Lazio 

November 2015 (Canada) - SAAC Challenge Cup Champions - Rush Canada 

What makes you different?

The main differentiator that I possess is my high coach-ability index. I understand that all coaches are trying to make me better to help the team win. So, I am able to acknowledge praise as well as constructive feedback from all different coaches that I have worked with. During my time in England, I was trained to become the hardest working player on the field as well as in the classroom. As a result, I developed a lot of tenacity and I learnt a lot from games that I won and more so, from games that I lost. I excel at time management and I know when to make sacrifices and I will willingly give up time that I rather spend relaxing in order to practice at off hours, pushing myself to get better. My greatest strength is that I don’t make excuses and I am resourceful to find solutions.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college sports because I have acquired a lot of transferable skills through soccer such as teamwork, resiliency, time management, critical thinking, accountability, mental toughness as well as strong work ethic.

College Goals?

What do you want to achieve in college? Sporting wise and academics.

I hope to compete at the highest level possible, particularly try and win the NCAA national tournament with my college

I want to major in economics/business and earn my undergraduate degree being at the top of my graduating class with the highest GPA possible.

Anything else we should know?

I have a passion for learning about the global markets. This is of particular interest as I want to pursue financial analysis as a career after I complete my bachelor’s degree.

I won the Highly Commended Award at the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales) BASE final in Birmingham, England (2019)

I achieved academic honours (average of 80%+) in grades 9 and 10 (and on track to do so in grades 11 and 12)