Vicent Vallès-Crespo

July 4, 2004


About Athlete

My goal is to achieve my fullest potential in baseball, which is what I like doing the most. I think going to the US would be a new experience, and that is a life goal for me. I am very passionate about baseball and playing while studying at an American college would be a great way to grow both personally and as a baseball player.


My grade avg is about 7.5 out of 10 these last 2 years.
(each mark out of 10)

4th of ESO (last course of Secondary Obligatory Education)
Math 7
English 9
Catalan 7
Spanish 7
German 7
Physics & Quimics 6
Biology & Geology 8.5
History 7
Physical Education 9
Ethics 9

1st of Batxillerat (Scientific)
Math 6
English 8
Catalan 6.5
Spanish 6
Physics 6
Biology 7
Scientific Culture 8.5
Physical Education 9
CIATE (introductory course to sports coach) 7.5
Sociology 6.5
Philosophy 7

SAT Total Score
March 2022

→ Beisbol Club Manresa from 2013 until the present, from U10 to 1st team (senior)
→ Catalunya 2017 Little League pre-selection team
→ Catalunya Baseball Academy from 2018 until the present
→ Club Beisbol Softbol Gavà:
- in a tournament in Pineuilh, France, in April 2019 (we won
the tournament, winning all of the matches. I pitched and
played as CF in the final game)
- in 2020, representing the U18 team.
→ El Llano Béisbol Club, in the 2019 U15 Spanish Clubs Championship.
→ SBS Academy in 2018 and 2019 (1 week camp in Gijón, Asturias, Spain)


2017 Jocs del Mediterrani (Mediterranean Games):

➔ Team/s:CatalunyaU13(Selection)
➔ Results:non-recorded
➔ Date:April2017

2017 Campionat de Catalunya (Catalan Spring Season)

➔ Team/s:BCManresaU12&U14

➔  Results:

◆  6th place / 7 teams (U12)

◆  4th place / 8 teams (U14)

➔  Date:March-July2017

➔  Link:

2017 Copa Catalunya (Catalan Fall Season)

➔ Team/s:BCManresaU14

➔  Results:5thplace/8teams

➔  Date:September-December2017

➔  Link: p

2018 Catalunya Baseball Week
➔ Team/s:CatalunyaBaseballAcademyU15

➔ Thereisnorecordofthetournament.

2018 Campionat de Catalunya (Catalan Spring Season)

➔ Team/s:BCManresaU14&U16

➔  Results:

◆  6th place / 8 teams (U14)

◆  6th place / 6 teams (U16)

➔  Date:March-July2018

➔  Link:

2018 Copa Catalunya (Catalan Fall Season)

➔ Team/s:BCManresaU14&U16

➔  Results:

◆  5th place / 8 teams (U14)

◆  4th place / 6 teams (U16)

➔  Date:September-December2018

➔  Link: p

2019 Catalunya Baseball Week

➔ Team/s:CatalunyaBaseballAcademyU15

➔  Results:

◆  2nd place / 6 teams (U15)

◆  5 matches, 4 wins, 1 lose

➔  Date:March2019

➔  Link:

2019 Torneo Internacional de Pascua en Pineuilh, Francia (Easter International Tournament in France)

➔ Team/s:CBSGavà ➔ Results:

◆ 1st place / 6 teams

◆ 7wins/7games

➔ Date:April20th-22th

2019 Campionat de Catalunya (Catalan Spring Season)

➔ Team/s:BCManresaU14&U16

➔  Results:

◆  4th place / 8 teams (U14)

◆  6th place / 6 teams (U16)

➔  Date:March-July2019

➔  Link:

2019 Campeonato de España por Clubes (Spanish Clubs Championship)

➔ Team/s:ElLlanoBCU15

➔  Results:8thplace/8teams

➔  Date:September2019

➔  Link:

2019 Copa Catalunya (Catalan Fall Season)

➔ Team/s:BCManresaU14&U16
➔ Results:

◆  4th place / 8 teams (U14)

◆  6th place / 6 teams (U16)

➔ Date:September-December2019

➔ Link:

2020 Campionat de Catalunya (Catalan Spring Season)

➔ Team/s:BCManresaU16&U18

➔  Date:March-April2020(seasonfinallysuspended)

➔  Link:

2021 Campionat de Catalunya (Catalan Spring Season)

➔ Team/s:BCManresaU18&1stTeam(senior)

➔  Results:

◆  4th place / 5 teams (U18)

◆  4th place / 7 teams (Senior Div.1)

➔  Date:March-July2021

➔  Link:

2021 Copa Catalunya (Catalan Fall Season)
➔ Team/s:BCManresaU18&1stTeam(senior)

➔  Results:

◆  5th place / 5 teams (U18)

◆  4th place / 12 teams (Senior)

➔  Date:September-December2021

➔  Link:

2021 Torneo de Sevilla (Tournament in Seville)

➔ Team/s:BCManresa1stTeam(senior)

➔ Results:

◆  1st place / 5 teams

◆  5 matches, 4 wins, 1 lose

➔ Date:November2021

Additional sporting info

Apart from baseball, I have practiced other sports in the past such as basketball, soccer, swimming, sailing, tennis, and padel, and I have also competed in athletics, track, and field. Since I can remember, I have loved sport, and I enjoyed running and riding my bike outside, as well as working out. I started going to the gym a year ago, but I have been working out for many years.

Personal Best

(I usually play around 25-30 official games per year and about 15 unofficial)

Hitting Statistics:
- Batting Average: Around .280
- Slugging Percentage: Around .350
- On Base Percentage: Around .450
→ .487 during the 2018 U14 season (11 games
→ .443 during the 2019 spring/summer season
(U14+U16 leagues, 21 games played)
→ .378 during the 2019 fall season (U14+U16 leagues,
11 games played)
→ .508 during the 2021 U18 spring/summer season (15 games played), placing 12th in league OBP
- RBI (Runs Batted In): Over 50 (29 in Catalan official leagues) since 2018
→ 9 during 2019 U14 spring/summer season (11 games played)
→ 6 during 2019 U14 fall-season (5 games played) → 7 during 2021 U18 spring/summer season (15 games played)
- Runs (Runs scored): Over 70 (55 in Catalan official leagues), averaging almost 1run/game, since 2018
- Walks: Over 70 (44 in Catalan official leagues) since 2018 → Season-high during the 2021 spring/summer season, with 21 walks in 15 games played (61PA), placing 3rd in walks ranking of the Catalan u18 Championship.
- SB (Stolen Bases): Over 30 (22 in Catalan official leagues) since 2018
- Total hits: Over 60 (41 in Catalan official leagues) since 2018, playing 25 games per year approx.
- HR (Homerun): About 10 in my whole life, 4 in Catalan official leagues
- Triples: Over 10 in my career, 6 in Catalan official leagues
- Doubles: Over 20 in my career, 12 in Catalan official

Pitching Statistics
I used to pitch when I was younger, from the age of 11 to the age of 15, but not anymore, except on exceptional occasions (now I maybe pitch 2 innings per season, for team needs)
- Wins: 2or3 in my whole life
- Losses: about 5 or 6 in my whole life
- ERA (Earned Run Average): 12.35 in 2018 spring/summer season, 11 innings pitched
- Strikeouts: About 40 in my life
- Walks: About 40 in my life
- Types of pitches: only 4-seam and 2-seam fastball, as I used to change the velocity of my pitches to beat batters.

Fielding Statistics
- Errors: About 20 since 2018, as an infield most of the time
- Fielding Average: Around .880 since 2018

What makes you different?

What makes me different from everyone else is my game awareness and the belief that knowledge of baseball is key, as well as giving importance to the mental side of the game.

On the one hand, I consider myself a player capable of maintaining an optimal state of mind even in the highest pressure situations, and I have achieved this thanks to my constant interest in the subject. For the last few years, I have been working on mental skills and how to manage them, and I have learned to focus on what I can control under any circumstances. As Yogi Berra once said: “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.”

On the other hand, I consider that I have a good knowledge of the game too. Since I was little, I have noticed the small details of any play. I have always liked to give my opinion and to be able to teach what I know and have learned. Among the coaches I have had during my career, they have never told me that I was the most skilled player, or that I had a sure spot in the team. But I have been told several times that my vision of the game is great, and it makes me feel proud. I strongly believe that a player does not have to be the strongest or the best player to show that he is unique and that he can contribute a lot to the team, even if it is not statistically seen, for example.

For these reasons, in my team, I have the role of being one of the leaders. I like to enjoy playing baseball with my teammates. I try to make sure that there is always a good vibe between the team and that everyone does everything possible to make our team one of the best on a competitive level.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because of the baseball culture and competitive level, there is in the US. In Spain, there is no exigence, and in my opinion, I need to feel more pressure to chase my best in baseball and studies.

College Goals?

As I said, apart from studying abroad, my goal is to achieve my fullest potential in baseball. I think that my passion for the sport always pushes me to work hard every single day. I am also very competitive, so I always try to win every pitch, inning, game, series, and championship.

Anything else we should know?

→ As I mentioned before, in the 2019 spring-summer season, I received an award from the Catalan Federation for fair-play action. I am very proud that I received the award because, in my opinion, sometimes we forget that values and respect are more important than winning.
→ When I was a child I once said: What I like the most in life is sports. And I continue believing that quote because I realize that I enjoy all sports, and I always want to play the best I can on each.
→ I would say that my other main passion apart from baseball and sport is music. I love listening to music everywhere and every time, and I enjoy almost every gender. I have also studied music since I was five years old. I play the piano and have received some awards for composing.
→ Another passion that I have is traveling. I love discovering new places and cultures. From my point of view, it is the purest way to learn, because it is enjoyable and pushes you outside of your comfort zone.



Institut Quercus

High School graduation: 2022

I am in the last course of High School, Scientific Course (Batxillerat Científic, in Catalan), which contains Maths, Biology, Physics, apart from English, Spanish, Catalan, History, Philosophy, and Psychology.



→ I received 2 MVPs in 2 Catalan tournaments (U14)

→ I have won several athletics awards, from the 2013 to 2017 seasons.

→ In the 2019 spring-summer season, I received an award from de Catalan Federation for fair-play action.


Fair play award, 2019