Wayde Roman

February 9, 1999

About Athlete

I Wayde Carlton Roman am currently a learner at HTS Technical High school situated in Bellville, Labiance Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, where I have been a learner since grade 8 (2014-2018 ). Throughout my education journey at HTS technical high school, I have always strived to give my best. I am a self-disciplined, well-mannered learner who makes a consistent effort to overcome my challenges. I am reliable and relate well to both peers and educators. I have no doubt that I will make a success of my future career. What has added to my popularity is that I am genuine towards others feelings, sensitivity and moods of other footballers ( soccer players). I am always willing to assist others who need help, it is important to me to be reliable and conscientious towards others. My great passion is to be a world class footballer (soccer player) and play on the world class stage, the world cup. I was also selected to play in the Dallas cup representing South Africa and tried my hand as an entrepreneur by creating a brand 777 village, planning events and printing clothing with the brand. I do believe this has enhanced my creativity and communication skills. Becoming a scout leader improved my leadership skills and management ability to communicate effective and efficiently as a team leader.  


H.T.S Bellville


Catholic inter school 3rd (100 m)

Catholic inter school 2nd (relay)

Under 13 League winners 2011

Under 15 League runners up 2012

Under 18 school player of the year 2017

1st Team school captain

Under 19 Javelin 2nd (43.8m)

High jump 2nd (1.7m)

Long jump 3rd (6.01m)

Triple jump 3rd (5.87m)

100m Sprints 3rd (10.53s)

Under 18 George tournament winner

Under 18 Top Goal scorer (Holy Cross FC)

1st Team Young Player of the year (Avendale Athletico) 2018

Troop Leader 1st Northpine boys and girls scouts 2013

Scouts badges; Pathfinder



Troop shield winner 2014

Civil Engineering Bridge Building certificate 2018

Dallas Cup 2016

What makes you different?

I am a self-motivated person, although the club I play for is more than thirty kilometres away, I will use public transport to make sure I am there for practice, meeting and games. I am consistent, reliable and determined to become a great footballer (soccer player). My aim is to be the best player and be an invaluable team player. I have a persistent nature and will give 200% to become the best version of myself and be a credit academically and to the team.

Why do you want to compete in college?

College will provide me with the opportunity to enhance my academic skills and also apply my knowledge and sporting skills I have gained over the years so that I can become the best version of myself. My goal is to be accepted by a reputable college in the USA and be successful in my academic career, furthermore, to make my mother proud of me who is a single parent and to be a good citizen in the society by contributing for the welfare of the country where I am playing football (soccer) while pursuing my academic goals.

College Goals?

My short term goal is to explore myself on the best platform of this field academically and as a sportsman, which is provided by colleges in the USA. I want to make my best effort for the success of my career. One of my other great passion is engineering, graphics and design and technical drafting. My goals is to eventually become a successful footballer (soccer player) and academic and bring value to my career and the sport. My long term goal is to become a specialist in my career and position, furthermore, play football (soccer) on the world stage "soccer world cup"

Anything else we should know?

I do believe my unique personality and perseverance remains true and untarnished. I have been instrumental and pivotal in my desire for success and my will to achieve academic and sporting excellence. The football clubs I represented and selected to play for was IKAPA sanction by FIFA as a striker to represent South Africa under nineteen's in the USA Dallas Cup whereby a 150 teams participated from around the world. I am also an events planner whereby I creatively created a brand 777 village and produced t-shirts and other sports clothing with the brand 777 village label, to further enhance my creativity and communication skills. I was also a patrol leader and selected to represent 1st North pine scouts at the world jamboree in Japan, this experience developed my leadership skills. I am a hardworking and diligent leaner obtaining good achievements by surpassing my expectations. It would be a heartfelt honour to be enrolled as an academic and footballer (soccer player) at your highly esteemed institution, where my academic and sporting progress can be entrusted to be nurtured to its ultimate potential. I look forward to your response and anticipate that my application for enrollment at your institution finds your favour and approval.