Wigo Weisner

April 22, 2002


About Athlete

I am a very ambitious 16 year old german boy, with the big dream of turning golf professional one day.

Current HCP: 1,6

4th place 2018 Sotogrande International Young Talents Trophy U25, scores 78, 76, 75
1st place 2018 German Team Championship U16, score 75
2nd place 2018 North German Championship U16, scores: 74, 75
2nd place 2018 Central Florida Junior Open, scores: 79, 72
1st place 2018 Desert Springs European School Championship, score 73
3rd place 2016 German Team Championship U14, score 75
16th place 2016 Scottish Boys U14, scores: 81, 71
5th place 2016 Venice Open US KIDS, scores: 77, 74

Other athletic information:
With my respective field hockey teams I have won numerous times the northern German champignonships and qualified and participated in the finals of the German champignships a couple of seasons (a.o. 3rd place in 2015). I have been member of the Hamburg field hockey squad for some years and qualified for the draft of the national team.
With my tennis team I qualified and participated in regional finals (3rd place).

What makes you different?

I consider myself to be very focussed and ambitious as well a a good team player. Coming from a very sporty familiy I have been successful in different sports.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college to further develop my golfing skills with the great aim of becoming a tour player one day. At the same time I want to take care of my academic education.

College Goals?

In terms of golf I hope to become part of a great team and to win the national championship. In terms of academics I want to earn very good degrees in my favorite subjects mathematics and economics.

Anything else we should know?

I have a great passion for sports in general. Besides playing golf I love to play field hockey, tennis an to ski. So far I have been going to schools in Germany, Scotland and Spain. Since over a year I have been a boarding student, one of the reasons why I consider myself as independent and able to live away from home.