Wilfrido Alejandro Rico Moran

September 3, 2003


About Athlete

My goal is to keep on playing and doing sports that I love, in the future I hope to make others happy with sports. Also combining academic purposes and athletics in order to learn the value of competition and school.My pros when playing is my agility and my athletic ability, I have one of the best physiques in between the tennis players in Costa Rica, that is a combination of genes and hard work. Another pro would be my willingness to keep on fighting even though I am feeling fatigued, which makes me a really hard opponent when completely concentrated.


Represented Cariari tennis, Bounce Academy.



  • Won against Number three seeded u-18 6-2/6-3
  • Lost 6-3/6-0 in ITF in Nicaragua
  • Won 7-5/7-5 in Cariari tournament semifinals
  • Won Cariari Tournament 2-6/6-3/6-3 in 2016
  • Won Cariari Tournament in 2015 6-4/6-4
  • First round of Bounce Cup 6-0/6-0 Second Round of Bounce Cup, 6-0/6-0 Third Round lost 3-6/6-3/10-7
  • National tournament doubles quarterfinal won 6-4 /5-7/21-19
  • Third place in U-12 Soccer Tournament
  • Mostly in Costa Rica, achieved number twelve ranking, won several matches. Against # in U-16 lost 6-3/6-3


2015 Copa Academia Champion 

2016 Copa Academia Champion

Additional sporting info

I have been playing sports ever since I was a kid. I have played Basketball, Soccer, done swimming, played tennis, and rock climbing, I have experience in many sports, and I enjoy many of the sports, most of all I enjoy playing tennis the most.

Personal Best

UTR: 6.72