William Mckernan

January 12, 2004


About Athlete

My goal is to eventually go pro on the pga or European tour. I also know how important it is to keep up my academic studies. I will work hard and dedicate myself to whichever university I eventually go to. In addition to that I know how important it is to keep breadth and balance in things I do. For example playing the guitar and playing rugby as well as giving effort to everything I try at.


High School Grades
maths- A*
All sciences- A
music- A*
history- A*
French- B


Tournament Results (download full results here)


Future Tournaments

Plans to play in Mcgregor trophy, Ajga Innisbrook, North of England u18 and u16, German boys open, Junior European open sky sports, French boys open.

Club distances

Golf driver -285 swing speed 110

3 wood -265

3 iron -230

6 iron -180

8 iron -160

Pw -140

58 degree-70 yards

Awards, press

Cambridge newspaper IMG Academy Junior World Championship, qualified. 

Sky sports Junior European open final, (so far) regional finals school golf

ISGA Sunningdale national school open 3rd place +7





Additional sporting info

I play for the rugby A team as well as the junior varsity basketball team and I am a good skier. I also play tennis for my a team at school. I love all sports

Personal Best

Current handicap: 2.4

January 2017 age 12 - handicap 25
January 2018 age 13 - handicap 18
January 2019 age 14 - handicap 10.2
January 2020 age 15 - handicap 4.9

What makes you different?

I am different because of my ability to work hard no matter the circumstances, rain or thunder I continue to practice also in how I structure my practice to make sure every minute is spent well. I have also been a competitor in any sport I put my heart into since a very young age, growing up with a competitive dad and having rivalries with him.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I am interested in college because I feel it is where I can have the best opportunity to honing my golf game and I want to compete for a team as-well. Where golf is an individual sport it is always great to have a team environment.

College Goals?

Hopefully to get a degree and then to turn pro and compete on one of the major tours.

Anything else we should know?

I play the trumpet to the grade 6/7 level and the guitar to a grade 5/6 level.



The Perse Upper Cambridge

Graduation year: 2023