William Noon

January 1, 2004


About Athlete

I have a great passion to do well in all my studies and sport and have set my sights on becoming a professional golfer.  

However, I am also keen to progress my studies, gain a degree in Maths and ensure I complete a fully and successful academic career before doing such.  

Ultimately, if anything is worth doing…do it well.



Nottinghamshire Scratch Team


-Whittington Heath February 18th, 2021

-Wellingborough Golf Club April 08th, 2021

-Forest of Arden (MAJOR) British Masters April 13th, 2021

-The Nottinghamshire (Member Club) June 01st, 2021

-Ruddington Grange June 13th, 2021

-Manor Golf Club June 20th, 2021

-The Notts Classic (MAJOR) at Coxmoor & Mapperley Golf Clubs July 29th/30th, 2021

-Sleaford Golf Club October 10th, 2021

-Lincolnshire Boys Schools Trophy Championship 2019 1st place

Golf Club Carry Distances 

with current bag

Driver: 280 yards

3 Wood: 265 yards

3 iron: 228 yards

4 iron: 214 yards

5 iron: 206 yards

6 iron: 196 yards

7 iron: 187 yards

8 iron: 170 yards

9 iron: 160 yards

Pitching Wedge: 148 yards

52 deg Wedge: 122 yards

56 deg wedge: 106 yards

60 deg wedge: 95 yards

Awards, press

I won the Lincolnshire Schools Boys Tournament in 2019.

Additionally, I was Junior Club Captain at Radcliffe Golf Club in 2019/2020 and also won the Junior Championship in the same year.

Additional sporting info

I have played water polo at Regional level (East Midlands) one down from National.

I have played Table Tennis at County level (Nottinghamshire)

Now, I am totally focused and dedicated on my golf and improving every aspect of my game including specialized muscular development. I am at County Level currently and over the last 2 years my handicap has fallen from 26 to 4.