About Athlete

My name is Yazid Lahjomri and I’m 17 years old, I’m from Morocco. My objective for my college experience is to play Tennis at a competitive level while getting a solid undergraduate education.


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I have a curent Utr of 11.6 and a best itf ranking of 283.MY best results are : J60 runner up, J200 semi final (in single) i also won 3 j60 , J200 runer up 1 final in J30 and (DOUBLE).

Additional sporting info

I play for the national moroccan team , that i have represented many times in the african championships

Personal Best

I have won 3 doubes title (J60 ITF) , J200 double runner up , J30 winner double i also did final J60 in single , j200 semis final..

What makes you different?

I'am a very serious guy on anf off the court , i really like to work hard to accomplish what i want, wish is a verry good quality i think that will help for my devloppement in the us. I also have a tennis style that should work much beter on style because i'am a player who attacks a lot , i love to go to net and finish my point.i'm a tall player, wwith a big serve so it will help me a lot on hard court and also in double wich is something that i really like.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college to have the possibility to continue to progress in my tennis level but also have a good university degree. I know today a lot of tennis players go to the us to continue to progress and play some future tournament in summer and try to be pro after , this is one of my goals by going to us.

College Goals?

A good D1 university , where i will play as number 4 to 6 of the team and with a good acedemic level.


Grade 12
Edoption Academy