Zalán Sorbán

August 8, 2002

About Athlete

I am highly ambitious, motivated and competitive. Additionally, I’m not only talented and successful on the field, but my academic study results also reflect the fact that I am always willing to give 110%. Constant improvement and an immense desire to win as a member of a team are some of the driving factors in my daily motivation.


Math: A
English: A
Literature: A
History: A
Science: A
German: A
Technology: A
Economics: A
P.E: A

SAT Total Score
Score: 1040

Miskolc Steelers- Defensive End

HFL- Hungary's highest division

Division I


Defense MVP

Additional Videos

Additional sporting info

I played handball for 3 years, basketball for 2 years and soccer for 3 years.

Personal Best

40 yard dash: 4.8 s

Bench press: 225 lbs

Squat: 295 lbs

What makes you different?

First of all, I’m very good at reading the offense. I have a very good shape and very good speed for this position.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I would like to learn skills from the US coaches to get better. Also, I want to achieve with the team to the top of the league and give 110%

College Goals?

Next to the sport I want to improve my academics, get a degree from a university and I want to take the team to the top!

Anything else we should know?

Defense MVP



Fényi Gyula Jezsuita Gimnázium

Graduation year: 2021