Zinedine Arva Purbo

May 4, 2004


About Athlete

I really love tennis. When I am off the court, I often think about how to improve my skill as a tennis player. Apart from tennis, I have a strong interest in science, especially related to computer. I really love the feeling when I am able to solve hard chemistry and physics questions.


Religion 77.25
Citizen education 78.5
Indonesian 75.5
History 76
Science 75 (Grade 9 only)
Chemistry 80
Biology 78
Physics 80
Math 77
Social Studies 77 (Grade 9 only)
English 80
PE 83
Economy 74
Art and Culture 80
Technopreneur 82.5 (Grade 9 only)
Entrepreneurship 84

SAT Total Score
Score: 950
  • 26 of August 2020 UTR Infinite junior + series V | 3rd place¬†
  • Play your tennis development series by Liga Indonesia 2020 - 1st place
  • Quarter finalist of AFR National Youth Tennis Tournament U 16 2020. (Single)
  • Stage Winner of British School Jakarta (BSJ) Tennis Open Tournament (Double), November 2019
  • Stage 3 quarter finalist BSJ (Single) Open October 2019
  • Stage Winner of British School Jakarta (BSJ) Tennis Open Tournament (Single) October 2019
  • U16 Runner Up in Anglo Chinese School (ACS) National Tennis Tournament October 2019 (Single)
  • Stage 2 finalist BSJ open (Single) January 2019
  • Stage 2 finalist BSJ open (Single) December 2018
  • Stage 2 finalist BSJ open (Single) September 2018
  • Stage 2 finalist BSJ open (Single) April 2018
  • Consolation winner of AFR National Youth Tennis Tournament U 14 2018 (Single)
Personal Best

I have played soccer and basketball for school extracurricularly.

What makes you different?

I am an easy learning person who is eager to explore new knowledge and experience. I am also friendly and helpful. I have travelled to several countries since I was a young child and I believe that it gave me motivation to embrace various culture and diversity.

I am very passionate about tennis and I have loved this sport since I was in middle school. I enjoy the process from learning, practicing to participating in tournaments in Jakarta. I found that tennis taught me many good things, such as working and exercising harder if we want to achieve a good results. Tennis has brought me a very positive impact.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because I strongly believe that I have the capacity to be a good student, as well as an athlete at the same time. I also want to make my college, family and myself proud with my achievement in tennis and academics.

College Goals?

I want to be a part of university team and give my best to reach a higher ranking in the division. Academic wise, I really want to achieve a good degree from a US university as it will be useful to my future career since I want to become a successful person and one of the decision makers in my country.

Anything else we should know?

When I was in the 9th grade my friend and I obtained the highest position in a student entrepreneur project in my school for having the best strategy and sales profit. After the project, me and my friend continued to sell the products for a couple of months due to demands from friends and teachers.

I love spending time to do community service such as playing with sick kids in RMHC (Ronald Mc Donald House Charity). Bringing them books and storytelling.



Al Izhar, Pondok Labu, Jakarta

Graduation year 2022