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How to earn a golf scholarship?

golf scholarship

Did you know that the average college or university golf team is made up of ten golfers but only the top five athletes travel to tournaments and the best four actually compete? There are 1,318 colleges that offer men’s golf and only 972 of those offer golf scholarships. Coaches distribute golf scholarships across multiple athletes, splitting them in different ways making full rides pretty rare. You will also be competing against walk ons for a spot on the team to earn a golf scholarship. Below is what you need to do to earn a golf scholarship.

NCAA golf scholarship

Division I

Every NCAA DI men’s golf program is permitted just 4.5 scholarships. Women’s golfing scholarships are governed similarly. There are 292 Division I colleges that offer men’s golf, most being large public universities. Top Division I programs recruit players with an average golf score of 72 or less, and accept a 2.3GPA but on average your GPA needs to be much higher for a scholarship. An SAT score of at least a 900 or better and an 80 or higher score on the TOEFL is required to qualify for a golf scholarship.

Division II

Each NCAA Division II men’s program permits only 3.6 scholarships. The NCAA sponsors 235 DI and 128 DII women’s golf programs. Less than 8% of golfers play varsity golf at any level in college. Only a small fraction of that 8% earn a full or partial scholarship. Top Division II programs recruit golfers with an average score of 74 or less, and accept a 2.3GPA but some of the larger DII schools require a higher one. An SAT score of at least an 840 or better and an 80% or higher score on the TOEFL is required to qualify for a golf scholarship.

Division III

The NCAA Division III athletic programs do not offer scholarships. Instead, these coaches work with the college admissions department to find different paths for academic scholarships, merit-based scholarships, grants and work study programs for athletes. Division III schools are mostly made up of private institutions and they seem to have these funds available. In fact, 82 percent of NCAA Division III athletes receive financial aid.

They do offer competitive financial aid packages that cover tuition, room and board and more. College coaches at these schools look for players who average 74 or lower in their golf game. Student athletes GPA and SAT/ACT score is dependent on the college for academic scholarships. Most of these programs require at least an 80% or higher on the TOEFL.

NAIA golf scholarship

The NAIA offers five golf scholarship per men’s program to which there are 250 schools. You must have test scores of at least an 18 on the ACT or 860 on the SAT. Only critical reading and math sections are considered on the SAT. In addition you must graduate from high school with at least a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale and you must graduate in the top 50 percent of your high school class. Coaches are looking for golfers with an average of 74 our lower.

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