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How to find the right college for you

Choosing the right college or university for your next step in education is not an easy task. Nor should it be taken lightly. This step affects the next four years of your life which will most likely set you up for your professional career and/or your athletic career as well. Here we will discuss the four most important attributes of how to find the right college for you.

First and foremost, let us take a look at athletics. If you are hoping to become a student-athlete on campus then athletics is an obvious starting point for you. You need to be in touch with the reality of what division you can play in. In college athletics, there are five major divisions: the NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, the NAIA, and the Junior College circuit, also known as JUCO. It is key to know your skill level to find where you fit the best. While all college athletic programs offer the next level of play, you may not fit in at all the divisions.

Enter the ASM Placement team. We have at your service, a team of former college and university coaches that look over your skill set. They will tell you in what division you will fit the best. Some of the world’s best professional athletes have come out of all divisions. Don’t overlook any of the divisions because star athletes can be found anywhere. Each division offers something different. While the NCAA is the most well-known, the NAIA offers a smaller school feel with more individual attention. NAIA eligibility requirements are less strict than the NCAA. Additionally, JUCO is an excellent starting point for you to get your foot in the door with collegiate athletics while improving your academic standings.

Secondly, academics are a major part of your collegiate experience. Some would say even more important than the athletic side. Coming to university in the United States makes you a student-athlete, with student being the first priority. Even if a coach offers you a scholarship, you must meet the admission requirements to be accepted to the school. This means solid high school grades and even better test scores. Again, ASM Scholarships can help! We offer tutoring packages that prepare you for entrance exams like the SAT and the ACT.

Next, you are going to want to consider social aspects and campus location. It is important for your success to make sure the location of your school and the social vibe on campus match your specific needs. What does this mean? Well, if you come from a small town and a small high school and enjoy the one-on-one feel you have with your teachers, then a massive state university may not be the right fit for you. If you like a small town feel with mom-and-pop local restaurants then a booming metropolis probably will have you feeling lost and overwhelmed. On the other hand, if you need noise, hustle and bustle, and classes with over 500 kids to one teacher then you will want to target bigger campuses. Do some research on what cities will be the right fit for you.

Lastly, the financial aspects are extremely important when choosing the right college. Be sure you research how much it will cost if you do not receive a full-ride scholarship. There is so much more that goes into costs than just room and board. Don’t forget there are books, lab fees, extracurricular activities, not to mention off-campus life, dining out, movies, shopping, etc. No one can give you an exact number of what that will be, but it is important to take it into consideration. Talk to your recruiter, and coaches and see what they recommend.

Here at ASM Scholarships, we have you fill out an assessment form that will help us match you with your perfect collegiate fit. You can guarantee you will love the next for years of your journey. Who knows, maybe you will end up playing pro.