Student insurance care coverage

Why do I need international student insurance?

International study can represent financial risk, and many medical insurance policies do not apply beyond the borders of your home country. A StudentSecure health plan can reduce your personal expenses if an unexpected illness or injury should occur during your study abroad program.

What are my options?

Many universities offer their own student health insurance plans. However, schools will oftentimes let you purchase your own health coverage elsewhere if you can provide them with proof of coverage which meets their school requirements.

Especially designed for student athletes

Do we meet school and visa requirements?

Yes, our plans meet the requirements of many schools at a budget-friendly rate. All four plan levels meet or exceed most government and visa requirements, as well, including J-1 visa requirements (F-1 visas do not have a health insurance requirement).

Can you help me provide my school with proof of comparable coverage?

Once you purchase a plan, we will help you provide proof of coverage to your school by providing you with waiver forms and visa letters. We will fill out the necessary information and send copies of the completed forms to both you and your school. 









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